Southland Wind Ensemble

Southland Wind Ensemble, providing music of high caliber to Ontario and its surrounding communities.

The Southland Wind Ensemble is a new wind ensemble committed to providing music of high caliber to Ontario and its surrounding communities, bringing awareness to the wind band repertoire. We typically program 6 concerts per season, with diverse programming for both the musicians and the audience. The selections performed with the SWE are often restricted to university, collegiate, and professional ensembles, which doesn’t allow exposure to a broad general audience.

The funds donated will be used to cover our overhead expenses allowing us to present FREE concerts to the community and bring awareness to the wind band repertoire. These overhead costs include: rehearsal space rental, and other performance venues; sheet music purchases; percussion instrumental purchases or rental; website hosting; marketing and advertising materials; printing materials, such as toner and paper; honorariums for guest musicians; and video and audio recording of concerts for promotions.

The purpose of the Southland Wind Ensemble is to:
1. Provide a high caliber of musicianship for the musicians and audience through the performance of a wide range of wind music.
2. Involve a range of musicians, including high school, collegiate, and freelance musicians, that want to explore the development of wind literature.
3. Focus on the performance and study of:
a. Cornerstone pieces of wind literature
b. Transcriptions of orchestral works
c. Contemporary literature and works from living composers
4. Provide an opening to work with the Southland Symphony Orchestra in performances of large works, as requested.
5. Establish a community presence through performance venues in Ontario and surrounding areas, and materialize relationships with local schools to strengthen music education.

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Contributions are accepted through a fiscal sponsor partnership with The Arts Area, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation (EIN 81-3551663) and are tax deductible to the extent allowable by law.